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N. Gresset, L. Brunel, and J. Boutros, “Space-time coding techniques with bit-interleaved coded modulations for MIMO block-fading channels," IEEE Transactions on Information Theory, vol. 54, no. 5, pp. 2156-2178, May 2008

Gresset_IEEETransIT08.pdf (480KB)



Y. Hara, L. Brunel, K. Oshima, “Spatial scheduling with interference cancellation in multiuser MIMO systems”, IEEE Transactions on Vehicular Technology, vol. 57, no. 2, March 2008

Hara_IEEETransVT08.pdf (922KB)


D.T. Phan Huy, R. Legouable, D. Kténas, L. Brunel, M. Assaad, “Downlink B3G MIMO OFDMA link and system level performance,” IEEE VTC Spring, pp. 1975-1979, May 2008

Brunel_VTCSpring08.pdf (82KB)


Yang Liu, L. Brunel, J. Boutros, “EM Channel Estimation for Coded OFDM Transmissions over Frequency-Selective Channel,” IEEE ISSSTA, pp. 544-549, August 2008

Liu_ISSSTA08.pdf  (163KB)


Yang Liu, L. Brunel, J. Boutros, “Belief propagation with Gaussian approximation for joint channel estimation and decoding,” IEEE PIMRC, September 2008

Liu_PIMRC08.pdf (148KB)


Yang Liu, L. Brunel, J. Boutros, “Channel Estimation Using Gaussian Approximation in a Factor Graph for QAM Modulation,” IEEE GLOBECOM, December 2008

Liu_GLOBECOM08.pdf (157KB)


N. Gresset, M. Khanfouci, “Precoded BICM design for MIMO transmit beamforming and associated low-complexity algebraic receivers,” IEEE GLOBECOM, 2008

Gresset_Globecom08.pdf (176KB)


J.P. Coudreuse, S. Pautonnier, E. Lavillonnière, S. Didierjean, B. Hilt, T. Kida, K. Oshima, “Boradband optical access technologies to converge towards a broadband society in Europe”, IEICE Transactions, 2008

Coudreuse_IEICE08.pdf (700KB)


C. Ciochina, D. Castelain, D. Mottier, H. Sari, “Space-Frequency Block Code for Single-Carrier FDMA,”

Electronics letters, Vol. 44, Issue 11, p. 690, Feb. 2008

Ciochina_ElectronicsLetters08.pdf (226KB)


C. Ciochina, D. Mottier, H. Sari, “An Analysis of Three Multiple Access Techniques for the Uplink of Future Cellular Systems,” European Transactions on Telecommunications, Vol. 19, pp. 581-588, June 2008

Ciochina_ETT08.pdf (246KB)


C. Ciochina, D. Castelain, D. Mottier, H. Sari, “A Novel Quasi-Orthogonal Space-Frequency Block Code for Single-Carrier FDMA,” IEEE VTC Spring, Singapore, May 2008

Ciochina_VTCSpring08.pdf (236KB)


M. Assad, A.M. Mourad, "New Frequency-Time Scheduling Algorithms for 3GPP/LTE-like OFDMA Air Interface in the Downlink," IEEE VTC Spring, pp. 1964-1969, May 2008

Mourad_VTCSpring08.pdf (82KB)


C. Mangin, Y. Bouzida, "A framework for detecting anomalies in VoIP networks," ARES, 2008

Mangin_ARES08.pdf (161KB)