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C. Ciochina-Duchesne, D. Castelain and A. Bouttier, “Satellite Profile in DVB-NGH; Physical Layer Technical Choices and Motivations,” Proc. of the 6th Advanced Satellite Multimedia Systems Conference and the 12th Signal Processing for Space Communications Workshop, Baiona, Spain, Sept. 2012

Ciochina_ASMS2012.pdf (352KB)


F. Hasegawa, A. Okazaki, H. Kubo, D. Castelain, and D. Mottier, “A Novel PAPR Reduction Scheme for SC-OFDM with Frequency Domain Multiplexed Pilots,” IEEE Communications Letters, 2012

Castelain_ComLetters2012.pdf (238KB)


N. Di Pietro, J. Boutros, G. Zémor, L. Brunel, “Integer Low-Density Lattices based on Construction A,” IEEE ITW, Lausanne, Switzerland, September 2012

diPietro_ITW12.pdf (263KB)


A. Kalakech, L. Brunel, M. Berbineau, D. Mottier, “A Novel OFDM Power Based Estimation for Dynamic Channel Tracking in Downlink LTE,” IEEE VTC, Québec, Canada, Sept. 2012

Brunel_VTC12.pdf (102KB)


J. Guillet, L. Brunel, N. Gresset, “Downlink Femto-Macro ICIC with Location-Based Long-Term Power Setting,” CAMAD, Barcelona, Sept. 2012

Guillet_CAMAD12.pdf (310KB)


M. Plainchault, N. Gresset, and G. Ben-Othman, “Macro and Micro Diversity Behaviors of Practical Dynamic Decode and Forward Relaying schemes,” IEEE Transactions on Wireless Communications, Vol. 11, No. 2, pages 732-741, February 2012

Plainchault_TWC12.pdf (448KB)


N. Gresset, J. Letessier, “A random broadcast consensus synchronization algorithm for large scale wireless mesh networks,” IEEE WCNC, April 2012

Gresset_WCNC12.pdf (331KB)


N Gresset, H Halbauer, J Koppenborg, W Zirwas, H Khanfir, “Interference-Avoidance Techniques: Improving Ubiquitous User Experience”, IEEE Vehicular Technology Magazine, Vol. 7, No. 4, pages: 37-45, December 2012

Gresset_VT12.pdf (102KB)