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X. Jiang and C. Ciochina, “Double Single-Carrier Space Frequency Block Coding for SC-FDMA MU-MIMO: Performance Evaluation,” IEEE MC-SS, Herrsching, Germany, May 2011

Ciochina_MCSS11.pdf (441KB)


J. Guillet, L. Brunel, N. Gresset, “Downlink Femto-Macro ICIC with Blind Long-Term Power Setting,” IEEE PIMRC, Toronto, Canada, Sept. 2011

Guillet_PIMRC11.pdf (517KB)


J. Guillet, L. Brunel, N. Gresset, “Uplink femto-macro ICIC with semi-centralized power control,” IEEE PIMRC, Toronto, Canada, Sept. 2011

Brunel_PIMRC11.pdf (387KB)


N. Gresset, “Precoder optimization for user fairness in shared relay channels with interference,” IEEE PIMRC, Sept. 2011

Gresset_PIMRC11.pdf (423KB)


M. Khanfouci, N. Gresset, “Consensus based decentralization of interior point methods for heterogeneous networks energy saving,” IEEE PIMRC, Sept. 2011

Khanfouci_PIMRC11.pdf (353KB)


C. Ciochina, D. Mottier and D. Castelain, “Low PAPR space frequency block coding for multiuser MIMO SC-FDMA systems: specific issues for users with different spectral allocations,” EURASIP Journal on Advances in Signal Processing, September 2011

Ciochina_EURASIP11.pdf (452KB)


Y. Liu, L. Brunel, J.J. Boutros, “EM-based channel estimation for coded multi-carrier transmissions,” IEEE Transactions on Wireless Communications, vol. 10, issue 10, pp. 3185-3195, Oct. 2011

Liu_TWC11.pdf (194KB)


H. Noureddine, D. Castelain, and R. Pyndiah, “Cooperative Network Localizability via Semidefinite Programming,” IEEE PIMRC, Sept. 2011

Noureddine_PIMRC11.pdf (163KB)


H. Noureddine, D. Castelain, and R. Pyndiah, “Train Tracking and Shadowing Estimation based on Received Signal Strength,” Proceedings of the Third International Conference on Communication Technologies for Vehicles, Nets4Cars/Nets4Trains, 2011

Noureddine_ICCTV11.pdf (218KB)


H. Noureddine, N. Gresset, D. Castelain, and R. Pyndiah, “Auto-Regressive Modeling of the Shadowing for RSS Mobile Tracking,” IEEE ICC, June 2011

Noureddine_ICC11.pdf (186KB)