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C. Ciochina and H. Sari, “A Review of OFDMA and SC-FDMA,” European Wireless Conference, Lucca, Italy, April 2010

Ciochina_EW2010.pdf (274KB)


G. Kraidy, N. Gresset, J. Boutros “Coding for the Nonorthogonal Amplify-and-Forward Cooperative Channel,” IEEE Transactions on Information Theory, vol.56, no.6, pp.2601-2610, June 2010

Gresset_IT2010.pdf (280KB)


M. Plainchault, N. Gresset, G. Ben-Othman, “Dynamic Decode and Forward Relaying for Broadcast Transmissions by Relay-Unaware Source,” IEEE ICC, 2010

Plainchault_ICC2010.pdf (847KB)


M. Plainchault, N. Gresset, G. Ben-Othman, “Patched Distributed Space-Time Block Codes,” IEEE ICC, May 2010

Plainchault2_ICC2010.pdf (169KB)


G. Kraidy, N. Gresset, “Coding for the MIMO multi-hop amplify-and-forward fading channel,” IEEE ICT, April 2010

Gresset_ICT2010.pdf (348KB)


H. Noureddine, N. Gresset, D. Castelain, R. Pyndiah, “A new variant of Nonparametric Belief Propagation for self-localization,” IEEE ICT, 2010

Noureddine_ICT2010.pdf (204KB)


N. Gresset, M. Plainchault, G. Ben- Othman, “Macro and micro diversity improvement with Patched dynamic decode and forward relaying,” IEEE ICT, April 2010

Plainchault_ICT2010.pdf (197KB)


L. Brunel, M. Plainchault, N. Gresset, A. Dammann, C. Mensing, R. Raulefs, “Inter-cell interference coordination and synchronization based on location information,” WPNC, Dresden, Germany, March 2010

Brunel_WPNC10.pdf (867KB)


F. Clermidy, A. Bouttier, S. Mayrargue, D. Ktenas, "MIMO Evaluation Platform for Fast Hardware Baseband Reconfiguration of Advanced Wireless Networks," IEEE Future Network and Mobile Summit, pp. 1-8, Florence, Italy, June 2010

Bouttier_IEEE2010.pdf (313KB)