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As the French branch of Mitsubishi Electric R&D Centre Europe, we provide advanced R&D support to the Japanese R&D labs and to Mitsubishi Electric Corporation business units.


As an industrial laboratory, we combine long-term research with applied research resulting in contributions in international standards, development of proprietary technologies for in-house products. Our mission is to focus on next generations of products and to develop innovative solutions & advanced expertise to answer the fast evolution of technologies, of services and of customers’ needs.

The activities cover the whole chain of R&D from theoretical studies and simulations to the development of demonstrators and prototypes in relevant domains.


Our laboratory includes two divisions which reflect our areas of expertise:

·        Communications division

·         Power Electronic Systems division


For Communications division, we are working on high reliability communications for railway and train control, satellite communications, car communications, access network security and broadband access (optical, cellular).


For Power Electronic Systems division, , the main R&D topics are High Density Power Converters including reliability, energy management systems and motor drives. Power Electronics developments play a key role in energy and environment technology.


In parallel to the internal research activities, we are actively contributing to standardization bodies both at European level (ETSI) and at International level (3GPP, ITU-T, FSAN, IEEE, DVB, IEC, UIC…).


We are strongly engaged into joint research and development programs with other actors in the framework of French or European projects.


In addition to collaborative projects, we highly value direct collaborations with academic research teams (labs, universities, engineering schools…) all over Europe.


Composed of more than 40 people, including PhD students, Mitsubishi Electric R&D Centre Europe - France is a dynamic R&D laboratory developing advanced technology solutions with a strong commitment to innovative and business-driven research. The laboratory brings, besides the support and experience of a big industrial group, the dynamism and creativity of highly skilled and motivated researchers that benefit from the melting of both European and Japanese cultures.


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