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G. Lefevre, N. Degrenne, S. Mollov, ‘Optimisation Thermique d’un Onduleur Solaire Bas Coût de 2 kW,’ La Revue 3EI, n°79, Janv. 2015


G. Regnat, J. Ewanchuk, G. Lefevre, P.O. Jeannin, D. Frey, S. Mollov, J.P. Ferrieux, ‘Silicon Carbide Power Chip on Chip Module Based on Embedded Die Technology with Paralleled Dies,’ EPE 2015

Regnat_EPE2015.pdf (1277KB)


G. Bueno Mariani, A. Besri, N. Voyer, C. Chillet, M. Fassenet, L. Garbuio, ‘Synchronous Reluctance Motor Multi-Static MEC Model,’ IECON, Yokohama, Japan, Nov. 2015
BuenoMariani_IECON2015.pdf (1197KB)


N. Voyer, N. Chapalain, H. Yamamoto, S. Nagato, ‘Direct determination of maximum power point and its application to variable step-size MPPT,’ EUPVSEC, Hamburg, Germany, Sept. 2015

N. Chapalain, N. Voyer, M. Koyama, H. Yamamoto, S. Nagato, ‘Novel MPPT Algorithm for PV Systems under Fast Weather Variations,’ EUPVSEC, Hamburg, Germany, Sept. 2015

Y. Hotta, A. Inoue, H. Bessho, C. Mangin, R. Kawate, “Experimental Study of a Low-Delay Ethernet Switch for Real Time Networks,” IEEE International Conference on High Performance Switching and Routing, Budapest, Hungary, July 2015

Mangin_IEEE2015.pdf (624KB)


N. Gresset, H. Bonneville, “Fair preemption for joint delay constrained and best effort traffic scheduling in wireless networks,” Net4cars/Net4trains, 8th International Workshop on Communication Technologies for Vehicles, Sousse, Tunisia, May 2015

Gresset_Net4cars2015.pdf (2512KB)

Q.Li, D.Gesbert, N.Gresset, “A Cooperative Channel Estimation Approach for Coordinated Multipoint Transmission Networks,”, IEEE ICC 2015 - 4th International Workshop on Small Cell and 5G Networks (SmallNets), London, UK, June 2015

Li_ICC2015.pdf (685KB)


F. Hasegawa, A. Okazaki, A. Okamura, D. Castelain, C. Ciochina-Duschene, L. Brunel, D. Mottier, “Novel dynamic and static methods for out-of-band power suppression in SC-OFDM,” IEEE Wireless Communication Letters, vol. 4, no. 3, pp. 313-316, June 2015

Castelain_IEEE2015.pdf (465KB)


F. Hasegawa, S. Shinjo, A. Okazaki, A. Okamura, L. Brunel, D. Mottier, “Static Sequence Assisted Out-of-Band Power Suppression for DFT-s-OFDM,” PIMRC, August 2015

Brunel_PIMRC2015.pdf (581KB)

T. Girka, D. Mentré, Y. Régis-Gianas, “A Mechanically Checked Generation of Correlating Programs Directed by Structured Syntactic Differences,” ATVA, October 2015

Mentre_ATVA2015.pdf (556KB)


Q.Li, P.De Kerret, D.Gesbert, N.Gresset, “Robust Regularized ZF in Cooperative Broadcast Channel under Distributed CSIT,” 53rd Annual Allerton Conference on Communication, Control, and Computing, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, USA, September 2015

Li_Allerton2015.pdf (525KB)


G. Lefevre, N. Degrenne, S. Mollov, "A Highly Efficient 2kW 3-Level Full-MOSFET Inverter", EPE'15, Geneva, September 2015

Lefevre_EPE2015.pdf (2000KB)

N. Degrenne, J. Ewanchuk, E. David, R. Boldyrjew, S. Mollov, “A Review of Prognostics and Health Management for Power Semiconductor Modules,” PHM society Annual Meeting, August 2015

Degrenne_PHM2015.pdf (586KB)

M. Khanfouci, "Compensation based ON/OFF energy saving through dominant set", ISWCS, August 2015

Khanfouci_ISWCS15_2.pdf (632KB)


M. Khanfouci, "Coordinated carrier aggregation for campus of home base stations", ISWCS, August 2015

Khanfouci_ISWCS15_1.pdf (433KB)